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Hailing from Princeton, NJ the members of Manta, Jack Brickner (vocals/bass), Charlie Guarino (vocals/guitar), Sam Guarino (vocals/guitar/keys), Tom Hagan (vocals/keys/guitar) and Mike LaFisca (drums/vocals) have been playing in bands together since their early teens and writing music well before that. Showcasing dynamic musicianship, meticulous arrangements, and thoughtful lyricism, the group melds their formative love of 60s/70s rock and pop with a thirst for experimentation and a knack for crafting radio-friendly hooks.

All three members are prolific writers, their distinct voices and stylistic blends making for an engaging listen. Layers of guitar and keyboard textures coalesce under hints of psychedelia as the group transitions between energetic fuzz blasts and mood-inducing grooves, sometimes within the same song.